Doves Of Love - White Dove Release For All Occasions

Serving all of NW Pennsylvania & parts of NE Ohio


Pa. Doves of Love are actually white homing pigeons trained to return to from up to 100 miles from their loft.

White doves always a symbol of peace, love and the celebration of new beginnings provide an affordable and environmentally friendly way to express love and make events memorable.

All birds are clean, healthy and love to fly
Because of our love for the birds we institute the following release rules:

1. No release beyond the bird’s range.
2. No release during inclement weather. (Snow, rain, fog,
    darkness, etc)
3. No release in any environment hazardous to the staff or birds
4. No indoor releases
5. No releases without a trained staff member present.
6. No special effects at time of release.
7. Appropriate attire is worn for all events and a release coordinator is 100% reliable and on time.
8. Return deposits for acts of God, etc.
9. We do not ship by mail for self-release.
10. All birds are banded for identification purposes.


1. Weddings
  A. Two Bird Release
  B. 2-6 Bird Release
  C. Multiple Release at Least 12 Birds

2. Funerals
  A. Trinity (Three Bird Release)
  B. Two Bird Release
  C. Military & Public Servant - No Charge


4.Special Events


Our goal is your total

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814 432 8006
814-673-3434 (cell)


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